Little Mr. Emmett

The world is a safer place with these three on our side!

Super heroes really do come from super moms!

This is the very handsome Mr. Emmett. He comes from a whole family of Super-Heroes! He was so good today, and really let me pick on him. We had him in the back of a wagon and riding a tonka truck. Poor little guy! Thanks, Jed & Tiffany, for letting me take his picture.


kami jo said...

These are wonderful!!!! I really need to drive over for a session! Do you have a price sheet that you could email to me?

Tiffany said...

These are A-Mazing!!!!! I love them.. and I love you..

Janiece said...

WOW! You are so Talented. I love all your pics... That Emmett is so darling I love just cuddling him. Keep up the GREAT work your awesome.

amber said...

I love these pics! You really are amazing!