Love this location & love these kids!

This is one of my favorite places to take pictures. It is this amazing historical farm. When you are there you feel like you have stepped right inside of a country calendar. There really are not words to describe the whimsical feel this place has. Thanks Tamara!!!

Now combine this beautiful location with these adorable kiddos and you have PIXIE DUST! I just had to post a couple for you Becky. Sorry to leave you hanging. It's not very nice to take pictures and then run off for a week. I knew you would be checking in... so these are for you. I'll get back to posting more soon. Thanks for sharing your little ones with me.




~: Angie and family :~ said...

We need to plan our night out at the Great Salt Lake to take pictures at sunset sometime. Let me know if sometime works. We'll have a all girl party out there!

the olsen family said...

Hey... I know a nice little town that is very close to! I happen to be an expert on the penny slots! Count me in on this little adventure and I will bear through the PHOTO GEEKS session!