Happy Birthday Bud

Happy Birthday to my guy! I can't believe you are THREE. "H" is happiest when he is climbing something or jumping from the highest point he can find. He makes my heart happy and our lives full of sunshine.

I was making him practice silhouettes with me last night. He kept cheesing it and saying, "did you get that one". Little did he know he didn't even have to smile, but it was making me laugh so I didn't tell him.

There he was standing on top of our old wood pile looking up at the beautiful clouds. He pointed and said, "Mom, will you help me climb to the top of the sky someday?" I am certain that if it were possible to climb to the top of the sky he would have already done it. (without my help)

Have a great day big boy. I love you to the moon and back!



Jaci said...

aww! cute! what a handsome little man. Great pics too!

the olsen family said...

OMG! So Cute! What a handsome little Hud Bud... We love you Hudson J!

Kami Jo said...

Nicole - these pictures are so cute, or should I say Handsome of your little man!!

Follow Your Art Photography said...

LOVE these!! Great job!