I already love them!

I just met this wonderful family and I already love them. Get this... "J" (mom) is a photographer, she has taught preschool, and she is married to a macho hunter man! JUST LIKE ME!!! It is no wonder we had such a fun night. It felt just like home. She does have a couple more kids than I do, and I've just got to hand it to her for that. I can barely keep up with two.

I was so happy to meet them all! I think we are kindred spirits. :)

Oh, you should most definitely check out some of "J"s work. She is fabulous! www.memoriesbyjanae.com

Now as a parent you can totally relate to this...

And this...

But look what you get... AHHHHHH! One happy family.


Janae said...

Nicole!!! We are so thrilled with the pictures! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My girls and I looked at them and laughed and laughed at cute little Jace. That is what family pics are all about and you captured our family perfectly! Can't wait to see more!