The "C" Family and a NEW location!

What a stunning family! It had been overcast and gray all day, and we really debated even shooting on this night. I am so glad we did. Just as we started shooting the clouds broke and we had the most amazing sky and light.

"B" had the best idea for a location. She and her hubby went to Utah State together, and YES they are true aggies. :) So back to campus we went with their cute little family. Such a fun idea! In fact, it was such a good idea that I am going to steal it. It brought back a lot of memories visiting my old campus, and I plan to take my own little fam back for a photo shoot. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

I can't even tell you how many great shots I have to post. I have been promising "B" that I hadn't forgotten her, so I just had to get a couple posted tonight so she knew I really hadn't. I'll be back tomorrow with more!

"C" family you are amazing. I loved spending time with you. THANKS!


~: Angie and family :~ said...

This is where I did my families first photo shoot 10 years ago, love the spot!
Missed you in class tonight!

The Eliason's said...

oh Nicole-those are so great! I can't wait til it is our turn!

Dave and KayDee said...

AWESOME pictures and such a cute family too! I love this new location. What a great idea.

becky said...

Thanks Nicole! We love the pictures.

Mindy said...

These are so cute! Great job. And just so you know I love the new header and new look... so fun! Just when I think you don't have any room left to improve you go and outdo yourself! WOW! I love all of these recent posts.