The "G" Kiddos!

I have taken pictures of little Miss "R" twice before, and her big brother "C" has always come along as a helper. So it was fun to finally give him a turn in front of the camera. He had earned it! :)

I always love "kid" sessions. We play, we laugh, and we capture a bit of pixie dust while we are at it. "H" I am so glad you thought of this spot. The leaves and the fall colors are beautiful. We actually had our family pictures taken here two years ago (THANKS ANGIE!!!). I haven't been back since. I am wishing I would have taken my own kids there this fall. I'm afraid the leaves will just not be the same now. :(

Thanks "H"! I am so glad that you continue to trust me for your families pictures. I love working with you, and have enjoyed getting to know you.

This is what happens when you tell little miss "R" to give her brother a hug. :)


Randy, Heather, Carson, and Rachael said...

The pictures are beautiful!! I love them. Thanks so much. Did you get my email about a week ago? I owe you. You are #1 in our book!

~: Angie and family :~ said...

My 2nd all time favorite place to shoot! I love the yellow's in this location. I want to take you and your sisters little girls up the road from there for the fairy pictures sometime.