Okay, this is my idea of a perfect day! Spending the day at the beautiful historical farm taking picture of so many adorable children just couldn't make me happier. Mini-sessions can be a bit hectic because we are shooting more quickly. However, I think a lot of times it might just work better for certain ages of kids. This way I am not bombarding them with the camera. Their little attention spans are so short anyways. I am so lucky to know all of these wonderful kiddos and their families. In some way or another they are all friends of mine. I have even taught several of these peanuts in preschool.

Thanks to everyone who spent the day with me. Love you all!!!


Sarah said...

Nicole, these are all so sweet! I love the pictures of my kids - I almost cried when I saw them. They are perfect! Thank-you!

mary jane said...

Seriously, beautiful work! Sarah was SO excited about these!