I've met my match!

Well, I might as well just come on out and make this official. I HAVE MET MY MATCH! Little Mr. "P" is the most determined newborn I have met yet. I like to take newborns before they turn ten days because they are typically so sleepy that they will let you do about anything. Even if they do wake up it is only for a few minutes and then they drift right back off to la la land. However, Mr. "P" did not believe in giving up. His mom and I had BIG plans and he must have known it. :) I kept thinking he would be so worn out that he would just collapse and we could go crazy. Nope. He decided that he wanted to be in charge. Who can blame a guy?

I think he parents might get a run for their money with this little one. :)

The shots we did get were few and far between but super cute. HE IS SUPER CUTE! And super, duper determined.


Callisters said...

Oh Nicole, I love them! I get a little teary eyed looking at them. I just want to eat him right up! I think while all my kids are cooking inside somehow they get a little to much strong will cooked inside of them. Let's just hope that day is not a huge sign of what our lives will be like with him,hehe!! Thanks so much...