Little Miss "C"

Do you remember Miss "C" from back in July? She came for another photo visit, and I was tickled to see her again. I think she is so sweet. Her mom always has things so planned out and every detail organized. NICE FOR ME! Miss "C" is turning two on Wednesday and needed a few birthday pics. We had hoped to take them outside, but the freezing temperatures just wouldn't allow it. We ended up playing indoors. We played baby dolls with "Kiki", fed Mr. Bear, and played lots of dress up. And the best part is that we were toasty warm. Thanks Miss "C" and "J" for a wonderful morning. What a great way to start the day!

Miss "C" getting all pretty with her fancy lips. Can you guess who's going to get it next?

Yep, Mr. Bear must have pretty lips too.

And a big love to make him feel extra special.


Stacie said...

She is a doll!

Amy said...

I want to eat her up!

Jaci said...

Totally adorable! Please bless my 16 month old will be this calm in photos by the time he's two! For now, he's everywhere!!! Nicole, any tips to share on that business?? :)