Oh, how I miss green grass, bright colored flowers, flip flops, and blue skies. I am feeling in a real slump with all this grey weather we have going on everywhere. I had to go digging through some old pics for a reminder that summer will come again, and we will survive! This was actually taken in October. It was just starting to get a bit crisp and cool, but close enough. I can still see green grass, so I'll take it!

I had just bought Gracie these three pair of glasses on a bargain deal for $3.00. They are actually adult sunglasses, but that didn't stop her from thinking they were made just for her. She and her little "movie star" cousins had fun modeling in them. They get so silly when they are all together. I LOVE this picture, and think it speaks a thousand words about this little trio.

And for tonight it has helped to sidetrack me from seeing grey. So this is good. :)

Don't you love the "my little pony" tattoo!!!


The Higley said...

oh my goodness I love this picture!!!