More of KAREN!

Finally, we get a nice day to finish this little peanuts pictures. At her first session we were just about blown out of dodge. I am so glad we decided to re-shoot because the weather was so much more cooperative. I just think she is so super cute. Her mom even made this dress she is wearing. I wish I had a single ounce of sewing talent in my body. How fun to be able to whip up something like this!

Thanks Karen and Angela. I really could hang out with you over and over again. Karen had me grinning all night long. Angela is was good to see you again after so many years. :)



Graves Family said...

Thank you, Nicole! I LOVE them! I showed Karen and when she saw the pictures of her looking in the fence she whispered, "It's Buzz!" Every time I see these pictures I'm going to be laughing remembering her talking to Buzz through that fence. :0)

You are very talented and just as kind as I remember you being! Thanks again for everything!