The perfect kind of picture

Now don't get me wrong I love a beautifully crafted photo shoot where every hair is in place and every stitch of clothing coordinates with the next. Who doesn't?

But this! This is my favorite kind of image and always will be. My two little nieces were playing at our house after school and I, of course, was chasing behind them with the camera. It is all part of the experience/torture when you come to play at our house. I captured both of these images in the split second that I got them to stop running from one end of the yard to another. I love that there are no bows, headbands, or flowers in their hair. No, those were discarded somewhere in the grass never to be thought of again (until their mother asks where they are). Instead, the wind has tossed and swirled their hair until it flows like silk as they run as fast as they can. I love that the sun is creaping in from behind and kissing every part of the image with a soft, beautiful glow. I love that their eyes twinkle with childhood, laughter, energy, and life. You can take a thousand "posed" images and never capture the complete innocence that comes from images like these. I just love them! But most of all I love that they are MY nieces.

Thanks for coming to play girls!



The Christensen Crew said...

What I love about these pics is that you can see their beautiful aunt in the reflection of their eyes. She is an amazing mom, sister, aunt, wife, daughter, photogtapher, preschool teacher, and to many more to mention. Thanks for all you do for us. We love you!!!!!!

mary jane said...

SOO cute Nicole!! Way to go (Again!)