Sweet Twins...

Okay, it is obvious that I was in baby bliss for a few hours with this twin session. They are two of the cutest babies I have ever seen. They were two weeks at their session and little angels for us. They actually took turns sleeping and needing to eat. So while one was taking a break I would work with the other. How wonderful that they already know how to play nicely. :)

When I put them together I even got a bit choked up. You could feel the very special bond between them. What a beautiful thing! Little brother seemed even more content with his sister wrapped around him, but sister was quite sure that she had spent enough time so close to him. I really did feel honored to be a part of their session, documenting all of their newness.

A huge thank you to Brittney, Morgan and Carla (their amazing gma)! I had a wonderful day working with all of you. I will remember it FOREVER! Thank you!!!




Jaci said...

Totally adorable. Congrats Morgan! You look like a natural with the daddy thing!
Nicole, I love these!

Aplanalps said...

Makes me want to have twins!!! Thanks for letting me see how cute they are without seeing them yet ;(