Hooray for the holidays!

As a child this time of year always held such magic. I can vividly remember the colors, smells, and sounds that surrounded the Christmas holidays. It felt different than any other time of the year. It was warm and cozy even though the weather was not. It was a time for my family to pull out the little, red sleds and our classic Christmas movies (Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas, anyone remember this one but me?). I couldn't wait to get a Christmas tree put up and pull the wooden ornaments from the box. The tree was always fresh, and I can remember the wonderful pine smell as my dad lifted it into the house. I can even remember crawling under the tree to fill the red and green tree holder with fresh water. It smelled like an entire forest under there. These memories are just a glimpse of the magic I felt during this time of year.

We took our own kids to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square this weekend. It was wonderful to have a day dedicated to the spirit of Christmas instead of the shopping for Christmas. I am realizing as I get older that it really ISN'T the gifts that we remember. I really can not name many of the gifts I received as a child, but I can tell you how much I loved Christmas eve with my family. I think as a parent I feel a desire and sometimes even feel it is my responsibility to make sure my children have these experiences. Our trip to the lights was not without a few melt downs, a tear or two, and maybe even one little threat to turn right around and go home. So it wasn't perfect. My children were not humming Christmas carols or even standing in awe from the Christmas splendor they were feeling. I'm actually not sure they felt splendor at all, but there were moments of magic that I know they will grasp for when they are raising children of their own. While my son had to be removed from one of the buildings for a temper tantrum, my daughter sat on my lap asking about the nail prints in the statue of Christ. I will never forget when she turned to me and asked how His mom felt when they did that to Him. I am certain she felt of His love and know that this small moment will help her to know "Christmas".

It felt like a breath of fresh air to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas instead of the hustle and bustle that typically takes over. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family to share this Christmas season with.

I am also thankful for all of my wonderful "Pixie Dust" friends! I love and thank each one of you. I hope you are all enjoying the magic of this season. Thank you for a truly amazing year!

This is my family... I think this may possibly be the FIRST time I have ever posted a picture of myself on my blog. :) I typically like to be behind the camera!!! I had my sister-in-law snap a shot of us while we were walking around Salt Lake.



Anonymous said...

You need to have more of YOUR family on your blog! Merry Christmas!

Tatiana said...

Nicole, So nice to actually "see" you! Beautiful family! Merry Christmas!

Krista Payne said...

Nicole thanks for your comment! It was so good to hear from you. I love your family photo, it's beautiful.

kelly said...

That is beautiful. . .your words and the picture! Merry Christmas!

Jaci said...

Finally I get to put a face with your sweet words. You are so pretty Nicole! Love this family photo of you!