Last minute shopping???

Okay, so I'll admit it. I have one of my main Christmas gifts arriving on December 23, hopefully!!! There is nothing like procrastinating, and I do it sooooo well. I DID get my Christmas pictures done and my cards ordered. They will be here tomorrow with all kinds of time to get them addressed and mailed out. :) Ahhhh, things are looking good around here.

In fact, we are so organized around here that I thought I would help you with your last minute shopping...

I am offering last minute gift certificates to those of you that like to live on the edge and wait until the last minute like me. You will not only get a gift certificate for the session and all of the edited images on a disc, but I will throw in a 16x20 print as well. Your print will come mounted to a heavy foam board and ready to slap in a frame. The print alone is a $75 value.

The total for the session, disc, and a 16x20 print is $300! You can email me for your gift certificate or with questions at

Your gift certificate can be used anytime during the 2011 year. I will be changing my pricing structure after the first of the year, which makes this a great value! Your price will not be subject to change by the new pricing.

This would make a great family Christmas gift or drop your husband my email with a big "hint hint".

And finally, a few Christmas pictures...

We were so lucky to get a few hours of nice, fluffy snow. It has been so rainy and muddy around here, not exactly what I had in mind for sled pictures. I still can not believe they actually leaned over and gave each other a kiss when I told them to. I was expecting a "NO, GROSS MOM"! They made my day, and I plan to enlarge the "kissing" images which they will thank me for year after year.

Happy last minute shopping everyone!



Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the picts of your kids! They're perfect!

Are you changing your pricing so you can afford to feed Max? Holy Huge Dog!!!!

Have a great holiday season!!! :)

Nicole said...


You are exactly right about my dog. He is eating us out of house and home. :) And can you believe he is still a puppy and will still gain another 60-80 pounds.

The good thing is that he actually minds better than my children. So he is for sure a keeper. The kids?????? kidding, kidding

Graves Family said...

Your kids are ADORABLE! I love these pictures! I was thinking the same thing about the dog...It's HUGE!

kelly said...

can I buy a gift certificate for myself? (i'm serious!)

Nicole said...

Kelly, Yes! You sure can. :)

The Higley's said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! I love their pictures. I want to get some pictures done of Mae and Lily..and I guess a family picture wouldn't be a bad thing ever. I will probably have to wait till Spring time to do it but I definitely want you to do them if possible.

Nicole said...

Amanda, I would LOVE to take their pictures. I will be doing some mini-sessions that might work for you too. :) Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Michelle Kane Photography said...

They are adorable in their dress up clothes and all that white snow! Love these!!