Daddy's Girl

This is my niece, "baby Addy", whom is not a baby any more at all. In fact, she just turned a whole three years old. However, she may always have the nickname "baby Addy". We all love her so much and think she is the cutest and brightest little three year old there ever was.

Her daddy just got a new job which means she is going to be moving away from us. We are all in a bit of shock and certainly wondering how we will live without them close. Her dad has to move out first to get things scouted out. I know how much he is going to miss hiss little Addy and how much she is going to miss him. She is a DADDY'S GIRL!

Sometimes life is hard and I'm not sure I am very good at handling change. I am excited for their little family, but selfishly wishing they didn't have to move.

I love you all!!!



Raymond and Nicole said...

Oh I know how you feel! I am so excited/nervous/sad about them leaving! Love the pictures, cant believe how grown up she is!

Tyson, Stacie, and Addy Lynn said...

Thanks, I needed a good bawling session :) I love the pictures!