I came across this image I took at the lake last summer. It is completely out of place and very random but I decided to post it anyways. It gives me hope that we will see the sun again and actually want to be outside for longer than three seconds.

And if you are waiting to see your mini-session images I really am working on them. Well, I was until I came across this image. Okay, back to work. I'll have them up soon!

Just one more (random thought that is)... Did you know that you can bring the sky back to life in your images. I had exposed for the sand and the buckets in this image which completely washed out the sky and clouds. However, a little burning in PS and viola they are back. No more white sky. Enough of the detail was still there that they could be salvaged and brought back to life. I could have brought it back even more, but I chose to leave it muted just a bit. **This doesn't work if your sky has been completely blown and all of the detail is gone.