Mother's Day Bliss!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I told my husband all week that the only thing that I wanted for Mother's day was for THIS shoot to happen. I have been swamped with sessions this spring which is a very good thing, but I haven't had time to shoot FOR ME in a long time. I had asked Trisha of Ruby Blue if she would style for me as well as let me borrow her two little girls as models. I was nervous all week that weather wouldn't hold out for one of my senior sessions and I would have to use Saturday as a make-up day. WE LUCKED OUT! All of the stars aligned just perfectly and my Mother's day wish was granted.

So Trisha shows up with a trunk full of darling clothes and, of course, her amazing accessories. Every one of the pieces in this shoot are her design and you can find them on her site. Adding her work to a shoot changes EVERYTHING. It is like a photographers dream. Beautiful little girls all dressed up ready for their turn at the camera. Ahhh.... MOTHER'S DAY BLISS! My sweet, amazing sister drove over from a busy, hectic day so that I could add her girls to the mix. I am so grateful to these two amazing ladies for all their help. I can not wait to get all of the images up.

And to all amazing Mother's today I hope you have a wonderful day. I know that as moms we are very hard on ourselves. We work like crazy, love our families, and have the greatest desire to see the people that we love succeed. All of this and we still feel ourselves wishing we could do more and be more. It is a tireless and selfless job. One that can only be rewarded with a kiss, a hug, or an "I love you mom". These little moments are what make it all worth it.

And to my amazing Mother... I LOVE YOU, MOM! You are one of the most loving mother's the world will ever know. You have amazed me time and time again with the selfless acts you do for your FIVE daughters. You have worked so hard for us and I want you to know that we HAVE noticed. You are the first person I think of if I need advice, a tripping buddy, or a good shoulder to cry on. You are my dearest friend and have been a beautiful example to me of what a Mother should be. Thank you!!!

Love to all of you... Enjoy your day!




Travis said...

Well we are grateful for a wonderful aunt who thinks a mother's day bliss is taking darling pics of our kiddos! Thank you times one thousand! We are so lucky we are close to someone with an amazing talent - Keep snappin em and we will keep showin up!