Office is closed!

Yep, it is true. I am closing shop, well for a week anyway. :) I am headed to Missouri with my baby sister. She is moving and it makes me very, very sad. It is going to be a difficult trip and I am not looking forward to the ride home.

Any of my seniors that have sent in last minute orders... they are all in and on their way! My hubby will be playing secretary while I am gone. He knows who you are and if you email he will let you know if your order is in. Just maybe cut him some slack on your packaging. I have given him the low down, but.....! :)

All other emails or phone calls will be answered when I get home.

And on that note... Here is Miss K. I will have more from her session when I get home.



Skip & Angela said...

So cute! Hope your trip goes well :)