A brand new day!

Whew, am I glad for TODAY! I had tonsil and adenoid surgery last Friday and TODAY if the first day since that I haven't felt like I wanted to die. It has been the longest week and I am so grateful for a bit of energy today and a glimpse that things are looking better. It has made me appreciate my health and the fact that most of the time we can run 180 mph. :) I will be getting to all of my emails in the next few days and working on sessions that are waiting for their images. If you do not get an email back from me by Monday please re-send your email. It seems I had a couple of days with internet trouble while I was sick and have had a few people tell me they had emailed when I didn't get an email.

Thanks to everyone who sent get-well wishes. I appreciate you so, so, so much!

These images are from a session that I did the night before surgery. I have many more wonderful images to share.

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mary jane said...

Nicole, what a cute picture!! Jeff and i love it! Thanks for all of your hard work! Get feeling better soon:) ! Mary Jane

Linsey said...

I am in love with these!! :]