Your family session is finished ... now what?

It made my day to open my inbox and find these wonderful images. It seems like too many of us go to all of the effort of having family pictures taken and then that is the end of the story. We spend weeks, months, and then years trying to decide what to do with the images. What to print? Where to hang them? How to arrange them?

These images made me want to immediately start digging through my own family files. Mary Jane, thank you sooooo much for sending these to me. They look amazing displayed in your home and it makes me smile from ear to ear.

Hopefully this will give a few readers ideas as well. The main images hanging on the walls are standouts. I love the clean, simple look of no frames. The small book is called an accordion book. Let me know if you have questions about these products.




Lindsay Black said...

Hi Nicole - I would love to have a stand out printed of me and my family. I just got married so I already have a image I would like. Do you do them yourself? If so will you send me pricing?
My email address is

mary jane said...


We still LOVE our pictures :)! I know this time of year is crazy busy-you just do beautiful work! Hope all is well with you!