You're gonna miss this...

"You're gonna miss this. You're gonna want this back"

I can not tell you how many times these song lyrics play through my mind. My two children are growing up right before my eyes and I worry that I am going to want ALL of it back.

I have mentioned a few hundred times on this blog that my daughter is my sunshine. She always has been and always will be. She could teach us all a thing or two about enjoying the journey. She lives to enjoy each moment of every day. She does not want to miss out on anything that might involve fun. She dottles along everywhere she goes, smelling the roses you might say. I have yet to see her in a hurry unless it involves getting to the "fun" part. In my preschool class I was reading a book called "Where's Ruby". It is about a little duck who takes her sweet time on their outing. She stops to look and explore everything. All of the other ducklings are in a big hurry to get to the end, but not Ruby. The other ducklings push and prod her to hurry. A storm comes and the ducklings become lost. They are not sure which way they should go to get back home. Ruby, however, remembers each step of their path home. She remembers all of the wonderful things she had seen along the way. Every time I read this book I think of my daughter. She will remember it all and I have a feeling SHE won't miss a thing or want anything back. She is enjoying her journey to the fullest; humming sweet little melodies to herself as she goes.

I persuaded her to let me take a few pictures of her tonight. Even this became a learning lesson for me. I wanted to "make it quick". I wanted a few priceless pictures to replace a few around the house, but I wanted it done quickly. You know, there were things to be done. SHE on the other hand decided if she were going to be my victim she would get some say in how things would go down. She wanted her doll to be in the pictures with her. Okay, grab the doll and let's snap them. Well, the doll was dressed in her cowgirl outfit and that wouldn't do. So she wanted to pick out an outfit to match and then take fifteen minutes getting her all re-dressed. I couldn't help but think how unnecessary this all was; after all, I just wanted pictures of her. I didn't care what the doll looked like. Well, looking back at all of the images we took the TWO that I snapped with the doll are my favorites. Her desire to make every situation count and to take the time to enjoy the details in our lives has taught me yet again that if I do not stop being in such a hurry I AM going to miss this.

I love this little girl for everything she is and for everything she teaches me!

*romber and accessories by Ruby Blue
*outfit by Persnickety
*Thanks Jess for your help on the backdrop! This is my new favorite. :)


Ruby Blue, inc. said...

Oh my gosh. So so precious. I LOVE that she has her doll and she is wearing an accessory. Makes my heart smile :)

Tyson, Stacie, and Addy Lynn said...

I do miss that! I can't wait until that Graster girl gets here. Hud bud told me he thinks about me all of the time :) That guy knows how to make your heart melt. I miss them so much. Love you

Skip & Angela said...

What a sweet girl. She is adorable, and it sounds like she has learned things already in life that people like me haven't yet learned. Thanks for sharing the story.