Miss Lexie

Have you ever seen a happier child? She came ready to play and the camera loved her for it. She was delighted with her adorable cake (that her talented mommy made). AND THEN... she had this brilliant idea that it might be fun to tip it over. Needless to say that made her very sad, but do not worry it was nothing that a little snuggle with her "blankie" didn't fix. :) Oh, she was cute! Thanks to her mommy and daddy for sharing.  photo lexi-15web_zps52b16af6.jpg  photo web1_zps81a694e8.jpg photo web2_zpsab50db53.jpg  photo web4_zps7bee5c2d.jpg photo web3_zpsa021ab1a.jpg  photo lexi-7web_zps65fbdfb9.jpg  photo web6_zpsd6c5c2fc.jpg  photo web5_zps0532d040.jpg  photo web7_zps8d3d6439.jpg  photo lexi-1-4web_zpsb1212d39.jpg  photo web9_zpsce70baf7.jpg  photo web10_zps66e81cdb.jpg  photo web12_zps7ae12eda.jpg  photo web11_zpsbdc874fd.jpg  photo lexi-51web_zpsfc1e0b73.jpg  photo web13_zps5169cbb4.jpg


Skip & Angela said...

So cute. I love the excited look on her face with that big cupcake sitting in front of her. Adorable.