Miss Saylor

Miss Saylor brought her little piggy in for a six month session. Her grandma bought the piggy and honestly I WANT IT! ;) Saylor was such a good little sport and did her best to stay on the piggy. Many thanks to her cute mom and grandma Julie for being such great assistants and many thanks to grandma Kristy for providing piggy!  photo Saylor-1web_zps53319d8e.jpg photo web1_zps6d94de3d.jpg  photo web2_zpscd3feb3a.jpg  photo Saylor-9web_zps27825ffe.jpg  photo SaylorRose-27web_zpsef26ed57.jpg  photo SaylorRose-28web_zps5c6fcbcf.jpg  photo SaylorRose-29web_zps8a67c4b3.jpg  photo SaylorRose-34web_zpscd3a63f6.jpg  photo SaylorRose-35web_zps33be699f.jpg  photo SaylorRose-38web_zps7fee9c27.jpg  photo web3_zpsee0d0c42.jpg  photo SaylorRose-58bwweb_zpsb30efeeb.jpg  photo SaylorRose-47web_zps1ebff9b8.jpg  photo SaylorRose-50web_zpse615462a.jpg  photo SaylorRose-52web_zps91cf74d3.jpg  photo SaylorRose-56web_zpsd8e591e3.jpg  photo SaylorRose-54web_zpscd072c67.jpg  photo SaylorRose-55web_zps77ff0fa9.jpg  photo web6_zps1db87488.jpg


Ruby Blue, inc. said...

HOLY MOLY these are sooooo cute!!! AHHHH!!!!

Skip & Angela said...

Cute little miss. Her stylist is amazing! I love the ones with the little pink piggy ride. So cute!