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For those of you who have e-mailed me about Gracie's skirt it comes from Her baby legs, flowers, and bracelet are also from Courtney. She has such fun stuff and can totally dress your little girl up to be the cutest little button ever!


This has to be one of my favorite shots from our little trip to 25th street. And I plan to blow it up "gigantica" and give it to myself for Mother's Day. Gracie was trying so hard to be good (mostly because there was a stuffed kitty waiting for her at one of the shops if she was). I had half frozen her and completely exhausted her. She finally let out a big sigh, put her head down, and stared out the window. It was my cue to put the camera down and be a mom. After all, it is that job that I LOVE the very most. We had another perfect day together. Oh, and thanks grandma Bonnie for riding along. We love our picture days spent with you.



Blake,Amber,& Addi Morgan said...

I am so excited!! Sign me up!

Callisters said...

Look how cute they turned out! I can't wait to see them all..

Stacie said...

She looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Her name say it all. They are all so cute. sign us up!!

Aplanalps said...

Holy crap that skirt is cute!!! I better not show Raegan because she will have to have one ;) Hopefully they will become friends when we are there this summer! Good job on the pictures! They are great!