Beautiful Family Beautiful Night

Leave a comment on this cute little families post and help them earn a free 11x14 print!!! I am trying to decide if I should start a regular website for my photog business, or if this little blog will work for advertising purposes. I love comments, and it helps me to know who is checking in on Pixie Dust. Over the next month or so I am going to give a free 11x14 to any regular session who receives 10 comments. (Sorry mini-sessions are not eligible) So if you are reading this don't forget to leave a comment. It will make me SO VERY HAPPY! Nicole

This was such a fun session. We had re-scheduled a couple of times waiting for the weather to cooperate. We ended up shooting on one of the nicest nights we've had yet this spring. I can't get over how adorable all of these kids are. It is so fun getting to meet new families and make new friends.


jenn said...

Wow! Nicole- These are so adorable! I love the 3 individual pictures of the kids they all turned out so cute! you are amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of them! thank you so much!

Blake,Amber,& Addi Morgan said...

Hey Nicole. I want to do the mini session for Addi. I dont know your email. How does it work to sign up?

Callisters said...

What a beautiful family! Look at all of their hair! Hey Nicole do you have a picture of the Kindergarten Round Up? Have a good day, hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Mindy said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your work is beautiful! I am so impressed! This location is great! I recognize some of it as Union Station, but you've got some things I've never seen too! You are so talented!

kelly said...

I'll admit, I check in regularly to see all of your cute pictures. And these ARE! It makes me want to get ours done!

Linsey said...

Hey Nik. I am quite the regular on your blog! I love looking at how talented you are. I have to say these are some of my favorite pictures you have taken! What a beautiful family too! Try to add me on skpye again because I had to create a new account. My mom knows my username. Did she tell you about going to China?? I hope everything is going good at home! Only 44 more days!

Dave and KayDee said...

What a cute family! Nicole, I love checking this blog. You have an amazing talent! :)

Anonymous said...

seriously nicole I think you could advertise and put your business on here there are so many things that you can do with it. i love what you have done with you pictures and props. keep up the good work!!!

Raymond and Nicole said...

Nicole, your pictures are beautiful! I love checking your site!

Amanda Higley said...

Ok I seriously just want to steal that little boy! He is so adorable. Those cute chubby cheeks and the curly hair! oh he is a doll! You do such a great job! I can't wait for Mae to get her pics done.

The Reese's said...

cutest family every! i love every picture of them!

Tiffany said...

I want that baby! I want him for my very own he is so flippin cute. Very nice pics.. I'm sure they are thrilled with them.