It's all about FAMILY!

I haven't taken as many extended family pictures because I haven't been completely set up to do so. However, I got a new lens a couple of months ago and hit the ground running. I thought extended family pictures would be a huge challenge, but they have actually been a lot of fun. This family was so easy going. And they even ended the night with a family trip to the GOLDEN CORRAL. I mean you can't get any better than that. Too bad my husband couldn't have gone with them. He begs to go to the Golden Corral!

Thanks guys for a night of family fun!!!

And if you are needing extended family pictures I'm ready for you! :)


Budge Family said...

Thanks Nicole, we weren't the easiest group to work with and I think the pictures look great! What a beautiful location.

Jen H. said...

They all turned out so great! This family is one of my favorites - love them all! Dido to the beautiful location!