A day with cousins!

This little peanut is new to Pixie Dust, but her cousins are regulars. We spent an afternoon playing with kittens, swinging, and of course shooting pictures. It was such a wonderful care free day. I love when I am able to capture children in their element... playing!

I'll be back with more of this little button and her adorable cousins soon!

Hooray!!! I finally posted the adorable cousins I was talking about. :) I just love this family. They are great friends. Thanks again "B" family for a fabulous day at the farm.


Jaci said...

wow! those freckles are to die for. what a cute girl! she needs to be in a story book! great photo! i'm sure she (and her mama) love it!

Sarah said...

these pics are all so cute! What cute kids...I like the kitty picture. so sweet.