Re-living the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I was cleaning out my picture folders tonight trying to make space on my computer to add MORE. I came across these pics from the first day of KINDERGARTEN for my little peanut. I cannot believe I do not have these printed and hanging in my house somewhere. It seems like the files and files of pictures waiting for me to "DO SOMETHING WITH THEM" just keeps growing. My goal over the holidays this year is going to be to get them sorted, edited, printed, and hanging on my walls. I hope. :)

This was such a big day for ME. I should be saying it was such a big day for my little "G". However, she acted like a pro. She bounded into that new classroom without the slightest hesitation. Oh, and you can bet I followed her right in. I was not about to leave without a mushy good-bye scene. I followed her around asking, "Are you sure you will be okay"? She finally turned to me and said, "Mom, you have to leave now". So very reluctantly I left the room and stood in the doorway for one last look at my grown up KINDERGARTENER. Now I know why my mom said she cried every first day of school.

"G" is my heart. I have always said that she brings the sunshine to my life. She is full of happiness and fun. She has loved every minute of kindergarten and is only sad when there is no school for the day. She loves her teacher and thrives on the things they learn. I love her for her independence and know that she will do great things with it. (Even if I have to shed a few tears as she moves forward)

Gracie's little cousin (and one of her bestest buds) is in her class. It makes sending her that much easier to know that she has a little pal. Grandma & Grandpa cooked an amazing breakfast for all of the little grandkids on the first day of school. They will never forget it! Thank YOU! We were able to snap a few shots before the big day.

This is my favorite pic because of the story that it tells. I took this as we were picking them up from school. "G"s dress is hanging off of her shoulders, and "K"s sock is bunched and falling. Their name tags are blown and turned backwards. They are no longer perfectly put together as we left them. :) I can only imagine the fun they had, and both of them climbing the big toy despite the fact that their mother's put them in dresses.

The cute little guy in these pics is also known as "Mr. A" around here. You might recognize him better with bat wings on jumping off the steps. :) Mr. A is a good little friend and also in "G"s class.

Every mom knows the importance of THE BACKPACK! If you look carefully you can even learn a bit about that child by their backpack. The funny thing is "G"s backpack is going on its third year. Her Grandma gave it to her at the beginning of preschool. She loves it so much (because it is covered in horses) that I do not know if we will ever need another one. How would it look in high-school? I'm thinking just fabulous!

I've decided I'm going to take her picture every year in front of the school but (yep, even when she is a teenager). Oh, how she will grow! I'm not sure that I am ready for it, but you can bet I'll be right there asking, "Are you sure you are okay".


Jaci said...

such a fun post!! love that she will have her photo infront of the classic school bus every single year! you are such a cute mom!

Dave and KayDee said...

I love these pictures! I think the dresses are adorable. G is so lucky to have an awesome photographer as her mom. It will be so neat for her to look back at these pictures every year. I love the pictures with the school bus, great idea. Hope she's having a BLAST in kindergarten too! :)

the olsen family said...

You should warn a gal before you go and do a post like that! Geez... THANK YOU so much for capturing some moments for me! You know I need a little help in that department. I am so glad they have each other (although one may need it more than the other). They are so lucky to have close cousins. And we are so lucky to be able to have our moment (outside of the doors) together. I also hope Alec knows what an important role he will play in keeping those girls safe! Good thing he has some batman tendencies in his blood! Thanks for the post!

Nicole said...

Jen, I could have made a whole post about the two of us TRYING to be brave. I am so glad I have YOU as one of my bestest buds, and so glad I had YOU to share that little moment with outside the doors. And you are so right, Alec does have his work cut out for him. It IS nice to know we have a super hero standing next to our little princesses. :)

Callisters said...

Nicole I love this post. I do have to say 1st grade is harder to say goodbye to them because after that you realize how you have to split your time with school/school teachers. That is a hard concept for me to grasp. I think it is so fun to be able to have Alec in school with those beautiful girls because I adore their parents. It will be fun to watch the three of them grow up together! Hopefully between the three of them with their different personalities they will keep each other on the straight and narrow throughout their lives! Alec is a protector so he will always be on the look out for the girls. I am also very grateful for your wonderful talent in capturing this moment of their lives. I love looking at the pictures and seeing Alec's ring on his thumb finger. I forgot how he had to wear my CTR ring to the first day of school. I will have to get a copy of these from you. Thanks again, you are very talented!

Mindy said...

Adorable! So cute! Just so you know I can't wait until our mini session! :)