My guy is next to impossible to photograph. He moves at 200 mph, which is way above my top speed these days. :) He goes at record speed from the time his eyes open in the morning until he is forced to close them at night. If only I could borrow just a bit of his energy. Think of the things I could get done in a day.

The best part about my guy is that he never forgets to give me a squeeze as he is running past or an "I love you mom". He is a tender hearted little fellow. Those sparkling blue eyes and his long "snuffalufagus" eyelashes make my heart melt.

We played hard today in the snow. By the time we went in we were all sopping wet and bright red. And I sure do feel like I got a workout for the day.

I don't know what it is about this picture (below), but it just makes my heart sing! I think in twenty years from now it will make my heart sing all the more. My little guy trudging through the snow in his little black snow bibs looking for another big adventure. :)

The only time I could capture him even remotely holding still was when he stopped to lick the snow. Notice how he is looking at me to make sure he isn't going to get in trouble. Typically, licking the snow would be strictly forbidden, but not today! :) After all, what would playing in the snow be without a few tastes?


Jaci said...

Super cute! I am a fan of boys! I feel the same way about all that energy though! Phew! I'm glad to say I just put mine to bed. Ahhh, peace. ;)

Stacie said...

Hi Nicole!

I agree with the eyelashes. Cash has them too. Why do the boys always get the to die for eyelashes???? Anyway, your guy is sure growing up. Looks liek you had a great day in the snow and the sunshine!