A bit of bribery

So what do you do when it snows (for the millionth time) and you are once again stuck inside. Well, this is what you do. You bribe your five year old to hold very still while you take pictures of her on your fabulous new chair. Yes, I said bribe. I am not opposed to bribery if it means I get to play photo shoot. It is amazing what two quarters will get you with a five year old. I think my days are numbered with getting away with two quarters so I should enjoy it while it lasts.

I found the most fabulous vintage chair! I have bought a lot of old chairs, but none have been perfect. I think this one is! I actually have it sitting right in my family room, and I think I might let it stay. Jason says it is an eye sore, but I think he just needs a little more time for it to grow on him. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my fabulous sisters for dragging it home for me. They are getting very accustomed to me sending them after "vintage" artifacts. It is an addiction that I believe I was born with, and it is probably not going away anytime soon. In fact, I think it might be getting worse. Jason would tell you it most definitely is! I drag the old stuff home, and he spends his time trying to figure out how to get rid of it. :)


The Christensen Crew said...

She is sooooo pretty. Look at her eyes. They are to die for. And that chair that she is sitting in!!! Where did you get that. You must have been very lucky to get a chair like that!!!!!!!!!

PrincessDipti said...

nice!! do you mind if i will save the pics? plz do reply on my blog.. thnx :) i'll be waiting. thnx..

Stacie said...

So you ended up getting it, yay for you!!!! It was great bumping into you the other day. Way cute pictures. I can't believe her and M will be getting older soon! All of the kiddos are growing up way too fast!!