A beautiful spring night with Miss "T"

Oh, my heavens! Hanging out with Miss "T" (and her cute mom) was a lot of fun! We laughed, and laughed, and then laughed some more. This session was everything that I think a senior session should be... making happy memories of a time that is so fleeting in life. I love that these seniors are bringing their moms, dads, and families. The session becomes so much more. They are laughing and enjoying those that love them. They are celebrating many years of "growing up" and looking forward to many more. It is no longer just taking pictures. It becomes an EVENT in these seniors lives that I hope they will treasure forever.

Graduating from high school is such an exciting time. The whole world sits in front of them! My grandma gave me the Dr. Sues book Oh, The Places You'll Go when I graduated. Its message is so true to this time of your life. The possibilities are endless!

I love that we were able to capture exactly who Miss "T" is at this time in her life. She is one happy, vibrant, and beautiful girl. Thanks "T" and "M" for a picture perfect night!


Chad & Jenn said...

Tess you are so gorgeous!! And Nicole you are so talented!!! Think the world of both of you!! Love the black and white shot. Absolutely beautiful.

Jeanne said...

don't know who anyone is but ~ came here from Veronic'a site... wonderful pictures and what a BEAUTIFUL girl!

bdawg schmash andrizzle & n.o.p said...

Beautiful pictures. Tess you look great! And as always, you are an amazing photographer Nicole. Can't wait to get my signed picture.

Emily said...

Very cute pictures Tess! Love the outfits and shoes! :)