My niece... "MISS J"

Okay... now seriously, how would it be to look like this and have more talent in your pinky finger than most have in their entire body. Well, I'll never know. "J" would be the last to admit it but she is AMAZING!!! She could start a full blown modeling career tomorrow if she wanted. I can not get over how beautiful she is. She is also one of the most amazing ball players you will find in the whole UNIVERSE! :) She is even going to college on a full scholarship, and has earned every bit of it. And to boot she is incredibly sweet and completely humble about all of her awesomeness. In fact, I am sure she wishes I would just quit! :)

She has such a wonderful family. Jason and I look up to them all so much and hope our two rug rats turn out even half as good as their kiddos.

"J" and "J" thanks for letting me drag you all over northern Utah. I loved getting to spend some time with you. "J" we are truly so proud of you!!!





roxy_girl44 said...

I think you take the best senior pictures i've ever seen. Nats, Jills and Josies are so perfect. I get so jealous!! Good job!

Amy Jo said...

Beautiful, my niece Josi!!