Back to the "P" kiddos!

We had been waiting and waiting for the perfect night for the "P" kiddos session. We were hoping to get into the orchard while they were in full bloom, but the weather just wouldn't cooperate. However, when I started shooting and saw this amazing light I knew I wouldn't be complaining at all about the blossoms. This night was beautiful!!! And so is this family. These girls were so sweet. They kept thanking me for taking their pictures and asking if we could do it again. :) ANYTIME!!!

Thank you! :)



One of my favorite places in the whole world is a nursery (especially in the early spring when they are full of flowers). Lucky for me my daughter loves it more than I do. A perfect day for the two of us would be lunch at Olive Garden and a few hours to wonder through the rows of flowers in a nursery. Each year I have said that I was going to take both of my kids to the nursery for pictures. However, by the time we make it the flowers are all sold and the nurseries are just not the same. I am so happy I got to take the "P" kids pictures in the nursery. Who knows if I'll make it with my own? :)




Scarlet said...

Fun place for a photoshoot!

porter family said...

oh. my. gosh! they are ALL so cute! thank you! thank you!