Sweet Baby "K"

Little Miss "K" is the most beautiful baby. She is brand new and sweet as ever. I love that her eyes are awake and alert in a lot of the pictures. She was not about to let her eyes close; can you blame her. Usually when a newborn has their eyes open it also means they are wiggling and not so much in the mood for pictures. Little Miss "K" wasn't fussy at all. She was as content as could be to be looking all around. It wasn't until the very end of her session that she finally decided to take a little snooze.

Thanks Miss "K" and family! I loved getting to know you. :)




Skip & Angela said...

AHHH! I love it, can't wait to see more :-) We had such a great time at our session!

melindaj said...

She's beautiful!!! Can't wait to see her mommy Ang!!!

About Me said...

Hey neighbor, Angela you and your little one are so adorable, I didnt know that you were a blogger :) I am just alot behind hoping to catch up one day. What a precious little one to add to your adorable family. Let me know if you need anything ;)