Waiting and Wondering

This family called me with a photo emergency. :) They were having a wedding and would have the family all together for just a few short hours. It had been years since their last family photo and they were not sure when they would all be together again. We got their pictures done and then they wait, and wait, and wait! ON ME!!! I had to get caught up with all of my sessions that had been scheduled prior to theirs and they have had to be so patient with me. Thank you and I am sorry! I am so thrilled we were able to squeeze your pictures in and I can not wait for you to see them all.

You were all wonderful to work with! Thank you. :)

I am thinking these picture calendars would make great Christmas gifts. This one is designed as an 8x12. I am thinking it would look great mounted on foam board with ribbons at the top to hang it from.