more sunflowers????

Hmmm.... not really sure why I keep ending up with the sunflowers, but here we are again. :) This time my son joined in on the fun. Just down the road from my house is a field of planted sunflowers. I had been hoping for a bright blue sky with puffy clouds. When the perfect sky and light finally came I loaded my side kick on the four wheeler and we were off. It was crazy because to the east there were bright, blue summer skies and to the south a giant storm was rolling in. As I was taking pictures I looked to my side and there was my trusty assistant with his disposable camera shooting like crazy. You can not waste time when your light is just right, and he knows this. :) Yes, he was decked out in a spidey man underoos ensemble, complimented with camouflage flip flops. Not all photographers are lucky enough to have an assistant with such fine fashion sense. I am thinking I will want to save this picture to show him when he is a hot shot photographer shooting for National Geographic. My husband thinks maybe shooting for Miss Hawaiian Tropic might be a better idea. :)


Shot in full sun. The nice thing about a sunflower is you do not have to worry about squinting. :)


Jaci said...

you are so fun! love the sunflowers!! your photography makes me so happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Nicole, the underoo pict. is making me scream in laughter!

You can shoot all the beautiful pictures you want, but when it comes down to it the most PRICELESS picts are like what you shot today...long sleeves, roos, & camo flip-flops! Thanks for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~: Angie and family :~ said...

haaa haaa haaa! Love the spidey pants

Jennie said...

Some of my favorite pictures are when you are able to capture life as is. Love it!

The Christensen Crew said...

Oh I love our Hud Bud!!! He is so awesome in his underoos!! And our Graceter girl playing in the sunflowers. wow it doesn't get any better. We wish they would have got to come and play up to Bear Lake with us. You have to get a trailor. We can't keep leaving our friends home playing in the sunflowers. We need them to take pics of our family vacations. Well keep posting. I love to see our cute friends on here. Keep them coming.