Welcome home...

My good friend has had this session on the books for a long time with great anticipation of her son returning from a mission. Finally, their family is back together again. I'm not sure who seemed to be glowing more the missionary or HIS MOM! :)

I taught with this fantastic lady back in the day. She was such a great help to me! In fact, she was my mentor teacher the first year that I taught first grade. She went above and beyond!!! I don't know how I would have lived without her. Since then she has become a great friend and someone that I really look up to. I am so happy for her family and very thankful that I was able to capture memories of such a wonderful time for them.

I found this red chalk board back in May. I instantly pictured it for back to school pictures of my kiddos. I knew it would be just as fitting for a family with two teachers. :)



Dave and KayDee said...

You are AMAZING! I LOVE them all! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with our family.

Anonymous said...


As usual, the picts are beautiful! We love the Lish family too!

mary jane said...


The chalkboard is so cute!!! Love it in the pictures!! Great job!!

Jaci said...

KayDee and the crew are some of the best people on this earth! You did a fabulous job capturing a great family! Love every single one! The chalk board is so fitting for a family of teachers! :)

Joell said...

Where is this location? I love, love, LOVE it. Especially the old truck and old house.