Feelin' the LOVE!

January is not my favorite month, and it usually drags itself on and on and on. So this year I decided to pretend that February was just extra long and skip January all together. I went straight from a Christmas tree to a VALENTINE tree. It sits in the corner of my kitchen and makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Just like January came and went without a trace.

Valentines is my favorite holiday. It is a day full of "I love yous" and everywhere you look the world is decorated with my favorite color... red! Yep, we are definitely feelin' the love at our house! January didn't even stand a chance. :)
*My poor children had to sacrifice some of their school vacation day to letting me practice with my new studio lights. They weren't too thrilled about it, but they did it. The image with my daughter on the suitcases was shot with lights. Fun! (for me anyway)



The Higley's said...

What troopers they are! A valentines tree. How cute is that! Such a cute idea. But your full of those :)

Sarah said...

I don't care much for January either. :) I like your brick background! Cute. Yay for new studio lights! The pics look good! Your kids are so beautiful. And your picture frames are cute - the black ones - where did you get them?

Jaci said...

Gorgeous new studio lighting and super fun valentine decor. You are a cute mom! And incredibly talented photographer!

Nicole said...

Thanks all! :)

Sarah, the frames are really nothing fancy. They are from hobby lobby. My brother in law makes the most amazing frames and someday I am going to have him outfit my house!!