Miss Lainey

Oh this little girl could melt anyones heart. She is a perfect, little model baby! She wanted to stay awake and see everything that was going on, but with a little coaxing we got her nice and sleepy. Her Mom and I could have played dress up with her ALL DAY LONG! I was so impressed with this adorable family. Thank you so very much for sharing your princess with me.  photo Lainey-1web_zps795f3009.jpg  photo Lainey-13bwweb_zps8c01a2cf.jpg
 photo Lainey-11squarecropweb_zps7e7c6344.jpg
 photo Lainey-23bwweb_zps56431f90.jpg
 photo Lainey-29web_zpse9d80e93.jpg photo Lainey-34web_zps6825e4e4.jpg photo Lainey-46web_zpsc53503c7.jpg photo Lainey-50web_zps174b51ef.jpg  photo Lainey-58web_zpsca33f7c3.jpg photo web2_zps7ea03c60.jpg photo web3_zpsd01f2e6d.jpg photo web4_zps212e5cdf.jpg  photo Lainey-114web_zpscd5fb285.jpg  photo Lexi-1web_zpse3c10c2d.jpg  photo Lainey-112web_zps4e739aa5.jpg  photo Lainey-105web_zpse305c516.jpg  photo Lainey-99web_zpse6439d08.jpg  photo Lainey-97web_zpse6411d83.jpg  photo Lainey-92web_zpse1094f7e.jpg  photo Lainey-91web_zpsd54c2b91.jpg  photo Lainey-1-2web_zpsd41dc616.jpg  photo Lainey-72web_zps5084f7de.jpg
 photo Lainey-76web_zps139716a7.jpg
 photo Lainey-88web_zpsf7284ea8.jpg