Photography is a form of storytelling and every story is best told with a beginning, middle, and end. Max's story began with his sweet mom and dad's wedding photos, and then Max's birth story, and finally... MAX! I love that I have been a part of Max's journey. His story includes two wonderful parents that I have grown to love. Max, you are a heartbreaker and I am so, so glad you came to see me! Thanks a million times over Kami and Jo.  photo Max-3bwweb_zpsfc085f5c.jpg photo Max-5web_zps90cf9951.jpg
 photo Max-1web_zps960898c4.jpg
 photo Max-9web_zpsa3c76171.jpg photo Max-12web_zpsa8c0a9a7.jpg photo web1_zpsbd0fcd12.jpg photo web2_zps9a3627cb.jpg photo web3_zpsb6ae3501.jpg photo Max-1-2bwweb_zpse45e002d.jpg