Miss Andi... Senior!

I am having the hardest time choosing favorites to post with these seniors. Andi is stunning!!! We had a fun night hanging out in old barns, fields, and around old trucks. Definitely my kind of shoot. I am right at home in them middle of "old junk". :) The first time I met Andi she was in the fourth grade. How she got to be a senior is beyond me? She is as sweet as she is beautiful! I am thankful that our families have crossed paths. Thank you Andi and Wendy for everything!  photo Andi-12web_zpsdc8be07f.jpg photo Andi-9web_zpsd4f68326.jpg photo Andi-18web_zps498c6b31.jpg photo Andi-25web_zpsae1d3d82.jpg photo Andi-31web_zps43f10165.jpg photo Andi-36web_zps8744475d.jpg photo Andi-39web_zps62f486c4.jpg photo web6_zps4f4e9ee3.jpg photo web3_zpseca8661e.jpg photo Andi-81web_zps6133b077.jpg photo Andi-82web_zps07d8fee2.jpg photo Andi-86web_zps36238848.jpg photo Andi-109web_zps48bcd9f7.jpg photo Andi-94web_zpsd22bb6e4.jpg photo web8_zpsa86e641b.jpg photo web7_zpsf9a3c07f.jpg photo web9_zpsbd251f52.jpg photo web12_zps6ccae003.jpg photo Andi-125web_zpsaf6702da.jpg  photo Andi-115web_zps0a27b65f.jpg  photo Andi-1-2web_zps8f1849b5.jpg photo web14_zps05412ef3.jpg photo Andi-72web_zpsda4d2c81.jpg


Skip & Angela said...

Beautiful lady! Great pictures Nicole!