"This little light of mine..." (styled shoot with Stella & Crew and Celise Artistry)

It was a dream working with Tia from Celise Artistry and Brooke from Stella & Crew. These two ladies are beyond talented and made my job way too easy. I was thrilled that they asked me to shoot for this special project!!! Many thanks to them as well as our GORGEOUS model, Bethanie.  photo Bethanie-10web_zps6fbe1f51.jpg  photo Bethanie-8web_zpse7030e0e.jpg photo Bethanie-20web_zps4258c7e5.jpg photo Bethanie-23web_zps9dd30a50.jpg photo web2_zpse7255d8c.jpg photo web1_zps197045d6.jpg photo web4_zps52acfcd2.jpg photo web5_zps26e8bb45.jpg photo web6_zps742be24a.jpg photo Bethanie-115web_zps577b1da9.jpg photo Bethanie-102web_zps464dc8ed.jpg photo web13_zpsbaa84f90.jpg photo web7_zps47845a0b.jpg photo Bethanie-29web_zps80245700.jpg  photo Bethanie-31web_zps8584f573.jpg  photo Bethanie-30web_zps76f804ec.jpg  photo Bethanie-47web_zpsdccacad3.jpg  photo Bethanie-51web_zpseebea4cd.jpg  photo Bethanie-53web_zps61b18297.jpg  photo Bethanie-55web_zps4e4fefcc.jpg  photo Bethanie-60web_zpsc0c7b027.jpg  photo Bethanie-63web_zps03b5f078.jpg  photo Bethanie-68web_zps00f466fc.jpg  photo web8_zpsa6561d48.jpg  photo web9_zps03a5ffc9.jpg  photo web10_zpsdfcefafe.jpg  photo Bethanie-85web_zpsfca318ca.jpg
 photo Bethanie-1-3web_zpsa4c76cfc.jpg
 photo web11_zpsb7062fc4.jpg  photo Bethanie-114web_zps96db7511.jpg
 photo Bethanie-98web_zps4fbc5864.jpg
 photo Bethanie-107web_zpsfea930f3.jpg  photo Bethanie-106web_zps7f237e37.jpg


Skip & Angela said...

Perfection!! Stunning, I love it.