Investing in puzzles!

"To often we choose to spend our time instead of investing it" -author unknown

Everyday I realize that I am one step closer to sending this guy to school and being home alone! I'll admit, there have been times when I have longed for the peace and quiet. However, I have a feeling that I will be begging for the business of five year old life when this time comes. In face, I KNOW I WILL!!! I love our time together... just the two of us. I treasure these moments as much as anything in my life.

The hours this guy spends doing puzzles astounds me. He goes from one to the next and then asks if we can find another. Many, many, many days he sits next to my desk and puzzles while I work. I love looking over my shoulder and watching him. Often he is singing to himself or rattling on about some super-hero's powers.

I love having my very own super-hero to keep my company. I am also very thankful for PUZZLES!

I also know that this time we get together is an investment! It will be one of my greatest investments!!!




Kristin Wilkerson said...

Nicole those are so cute! I love the one of him peeking under whatever that was. Holy Smokes.

Skip & Angela said...

Your little mister is too sweet. How fun, and awesome that he loves puzzles.

Miss Kami said...

Cutest little guy I have ever seen! Your family is adorable

Katie said...

LOVE these Nicole!

Ruby Blue, inc. said...

These are SO priceless Nicole. They are so lucky to have a momma that can document their lives so beautifully. (and keep her floors so immaculately clean! Lol!)

Callisters said...

He is son cute Nicole. It is so true how fast time goes by and how quickly we hope for the past to still be here. Reading this makes my heart ache a little for my "super hero" to still be here, I can't believe how much it was apart of his life and how what seems like over night he was just to old for it!!

This post is truly a reminder to live in the moment and cherish for all it's worth, because it is gone in a blink of an eye!