The story of baby Gray!

Meet Baby Gray! I have posted a few highlights from Gray's entire story. It was an honor to follow these two amazing parents on their journey to becoming a family. I dearly love this little family and think the world of them. They have waited a long time for Baby Gray and I think he was worth every minute of the wait. PS... I have made myself an honorary "AUNTIE" to Baby Gray. I think that it is only fair! :)  photo NN-48web_zps189bc9a8.jpg photo web5_zps28bd836d.jpg  photo NN-24bwweb_zpsfe35ce6f.jpg photo NN-37web_zps03bf58cc.jpg Gray's birth story... I have fallen in love with "birth story" sessions. There is such a tenderness in the room. I dearly wish that I would have had a birth story for my two children. It is such an overwhelming day for a mother and a bit blurry after all is said and done. These images preserve that tenderness and that beautiful spirit that was in that room forever!  photo web2_zpsaac913a0.jpg  photo web1_zps74b0ff04.jpg photo graycroney-88bwweb_zps7de3e0a7.jpg photo graycroney-100bwweb_zps6ab8354d.jpg LOVED getting his hair washed...  photo web4_zps1a93382c.jpg didn't love the body scrub :)  photo graycroney-24bwweb_zps5bc3af40.jpg Gray in the studio...  photo web5_zps1680f290.jpg  photo Gray-63web_zps6756ff2d.jpg  photo Gray-58web_zpseaabb094.jpg  photo Gray-54web_zpscdbe18a1.jpg  photo Gray-35graychevronweb_zpsc6088c84.jpg  photo Gray-33graychevronweb_zpsfcf56221.jpg  photo Gray-19bwweb_zpscf8fd1d9.jpg  photo Gray-15bwweb_zpsee733983.jpg  photo Gray-1-2bwweb_zps5ebf9868.jpg